Contact Sheet.


Here is my contact sheet showing some of the pictures I took along side shooting. There isn’t many pictures as I like last year, picture taking wasn’t a nessesity. These pictures consist of some from London, most include my actor but not all. These could be used in my poster or didgipack. 

Critical Response on Music Video.

Critical Response for my music video.


This is a response that I received from a audience member of my video.

When watching Amy’s music video, I overall really enjoyed the theme and style. Looking deeper into the production of the music video I can think of some point both good and bad about what was done and what could have been done. I especially liked how well the video seemed to be edited, i.e the variety of shots that was included and how well they flowed with the song. To start of the music video Amy had included a shot of a burning paper that had the title of the music video on. The paper had been burnt and reversed to revel the title. I thought this was a very creative idea on how to introduce the music video. Throughout the music video there was a good mixture of both dark and light shots, I felt like this gave a good verity of shots and keep the video feeling interesting and engaging. There was a lot depth in the music video though the in focus and out of focus shots. There was also a good mix of both forward and reverse shots. The overall editing was done particularly well when the character was lip-syncing, the mouthing fitted very well with the song, I also really enjoyed the song choice as I found it very catchy and relevant to the story being perceived. The shots that where filmed in the black room, I liked the fact that the subject was in all black as I felt it gave it a sense of identity and helped the audience focus on the person.

On the flip side, a negative point of the music video would be that I felt as if it may have a limited time scale as it seemed to be like it had a Christmas theme due to the fairy light in London, however I you didn’t know London too well then this might not be a problem.